Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Peer Review for Everyone

This blog is for anyone who has ideas about telecommuting and its effects on productivity to post comments about my papers on this topic."Does Telecommuting Really Increase Productivity? Fifteen Rival Hypotheses" was presented at the AIS Americas Conference at Indianapolis in 1997. The paper points out problems with most of the research on telecommuting productivity. "Does Telecommuting Really Increase Productivity?" was published in Communications of the ACM in 2004. It identifies common logical contradictions in published materials that indicate large productivity gains.

The reason I am connecting this blog to the conference
paper is because I feel that academics should:

  1. do a better job of making their research findings available to the public and
  2. get feedback from the general public rather than just a few academic reviewers who may not have a lot of experience with how things work in the mainstream
In addition I want to use the feedback to make both papers be "living documents" that improve over time.